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Tom's Guide:

The UK government this week announced that it will spend £400 million ($668 million) on the installation and monitoring of CCTV cameras citizens in their own homes. Aimed at problem or antisocial families, the cameras are there to make sure children go to bed on time, eat well balanced meals and do their homework.

A commenter there sums up my reaction: W. T. F.


Classical Liberal

Is this voluntary on the part of the "problem" families, or government ordered? Either way, it is both stupid and a bit frightening. Who do they hire to watch these things, anyway?

Cafe Alpha

The better I get to know England, the less acceptable that society seems to me.

I spend a lot of time on British blogs, and really I just don't like Brit's attitudes.

This is of a piece with the rest of their attitudes.

Classical Liberal

I wonder how many hours of video tapes will be filled with the "problem" family mooning the camera?

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