Girlfriend of a God

The Bum Expires

The Barefoot Bum has decided to stop blogging:

I'm not discouraged by the vitriol of the religious, of the libertarians, of the laissez-faire capitalists. I am, however, discouraged by the vitriol (and worse, the often blithe dismissal) of atheists, philosophers, progressives, socialists and communists, always (to my eyes) for daring to disagree with some item of cherished dogma. Perhaps I'm equally guilty of my own vitriol, but I have always done my best to at least avoid dogmatism, to substantiate my anger with facts and arguments. I have received no such consideration from my detractors. Perhaps I am wrong; I don't think I'm stupid, but who does?

Who does? This guy:

if one's idea of "intelligentsia", let alone "mostly sensible intelligentsia", encompasses both Karl Marx and PZ Myers, I'm afraid the question of stupidity must be conclusively affirmed.


I'll miss The Bum. No other blogger displayed such spectacular, high brow idiocy than him. (The Apostate was his only competition.) He criticized the American economic model and repeatedly talked about the humane, rational and moral solution: communism.

The Blogosphere has lost a great, unintentional entertainer.


Mike T

Calling Communism a humane alternative to Capitalism is like calling a Bangkok child brothel a compassionate alternative to orphanages.

Stat Quo

Speaking of the apostate, you might want to see the comment section of this post:

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