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Say No to DRM

I have bought numerous books from Amazon -- all in the good old physical format. Here's what can happen when one buys books electronically:

Those who have adopted the Amazon e-book way of reading today discovered something that they surely weren't counting on – having their books remotely deleted from their Kindles.

In what is glaring irony, George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm were the two books that the publisher decided it no longer wanted Kindle owners to have access to. Instead of just pulling the book from the store and stopping any further sales, it had Amazon send out a kill notice to delete all those books from any device that they were purchased on.

[Emphasis mine.]

Apparently, some books are more equal than others.

Glenn Reynolds writes:

I would like to see electronic copies treated more like physical books — you buy it, you own it — rather than like “licenses to read” that can be revoked based on fine print in things nobody ever reads. The current situation is creepy, and subject to abuse. I like my Kindle, especially for travel, but if I’d known this was coming I don’t think I’d have bought it, and at this point I’m reluctant to recommend a Kindle to others.





Stat Quo

DRM SUCKS! and it is a waste of money for companies to even put DRM on products which have been PAID for. I was going to buy for when I go to vist my wife in Pakistan I don't think I am going to buy one anymore.

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