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No Equality

A feminist who doesn't hate men:

Women can wander the world and hug every child they see without suspicion. If a woman gathers the neighborhood children together to organize a community garden, she’s a saint. If a man does it, people wonder if he’s a pedophile. Don’t believe me? Imagine you’re in a toy store and a woman shopping alone comments on what a beautiful little girl you have. You are pleased and flattered. You fill in the woman’s story in your head. She’s probably an overworked mother out to buy toys for a birthday or holiday. What about the middle-aged man wandering that same store alone? Wouldn’t it at least cross your mind that he could be a pervert? Of course it would.

I blame The PatriarchyTM.

Link via Vox Popoli.



I read that the other night and what struck me was a comment by a women who disagreed with Jodi's post, but the reasons given made had nothing to do with any of the points at all.

She complained of such real but unrelated problems like the way men are not attracted to older women and sometimes divorce them to find a younger wife...

Yes, real problem, instinctually rather than socially based I would say, but what does that have to do with, say, the fact that men have no chance of getting custody of their children in a divorce? If you're 50 you don't have young children to fight over so there isn't even a tangential intersection between these problems.

Reactions like that suggest that these prejudices against men are payback by bitter women, and not supported by anything at all.

You know, love hurts like hell when it isn't wonderful - this is for everyone. Women should curb their hatred of men in the hopes that we as well will refrain from hating them for sounding like the last women who dumped us.

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