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Is There Such a Thing as "Brown Trash"

Kate on Sarah Palin:

With one Friday afternoon announcement, she's brought the bulk of America's political chattering class to the brink of a psychotic break ...

Ain't it the truth:

I have no doubt I would feel very differently about Palin – whatever her perceived class – if she were a liberal politician. I would then probably find her “white trash” quirks adorable, so ridiculously grateful am I for liberal politicos.

Yeah, all women should be treated equally unless they're conservative, pro-life mothers.

When Palin was picked by McCain, the Apostate had another one of her classic rants / meltdowns. I blogged about it here.


Mike T

The Apostate needs to learn to filter some of the stuff that ends up on her blog. She just confessed to an incredible degree of hackery.

Isaac Schrödinger

She has confessed to far worse:

-- She hates men.
-- "Communism is cool."
-- "All men are rapists."
-- She thinks that white, Christian men are typically sexist and racist.
-- Killing babies is alright. Not merely abortion but actual infanticide is fine with her since the babies aren't really "persons".

And when I pointed out the absurdity of such statements and more, she vomited about "lies" and that I was "stalking" her.

It has been weeks and not one example of these "lies" has been forthcoming. And apparently, linking to her and not agreeing with her is equivalent to stalking.

I prefer filter-free blogging. I'd rather know for sure just how ugly and vile one is.

The funny thing is that she thinks of herself as enlightened and deeply moral.

Cafe Alpha

Well it's amazing to watch politics and learn the extent to which people are hypocrites.

Note, I am not on the right, but I recognize the sorry state of the left. Neither cult, leftism nor conservatism are acceptable to me these days, honestly.

Racism turns out to be ok when the target is a right winger. I've noticed that. Also antisemitism is just fine as long as you're on the left or mention Palestinians at some point. Frankly I think the left is nearly to the point of accepting Nazis into their ranks.

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