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Stephen Suleyman Schwartz via The Corner:

in March 2009 the Saudi clock began running backward. Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-Aziz, half brother of Abdullah and interior minister, became second deputy prime minister. Nayef is the embodiment of Wahhabi obscurantism; to cite the most famous example of his extremist behavior, he was the first prominent Saudi to accuse Israel of carrying out the atrocities of September 11, 2001. When it appeared that the mutawiyin would be called to order for their thuggery, Nayef challenged Abdullah by insisting that the Wahhabi militia was a pillar of the state and must not be touched.

Of course. Nayef will need those thugs when he becomes king.


Mike T

If Abdullah is smart, and doesn't want to be remembered as the guy who allowed Saudi Arabia to fall apart, he'll arrange for a series of unfortunate events to befall the members of his family who support Nayef (including Nayef) and will appoint someone who shares his vision of a more moderate Saudi Arabia.

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