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YEP, IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY NOW: A 1-Terabyte hard drive for under 100 bucks. I remember when a 10 megabyte HardCard was expensive . . .

We should hit 100-terabyte drives by 2020.

My first personal computer was a laptop. I got it in 1998. It came with a whopping 2.1GB hard drive. The maximum configurable was ... 4GB.

Today, I carry around a 16GB flash drive which can easily store all my documents. If I get a 32GB flash drive, I could store all my documents and my entire music collection.

At 64GB, I can store all my valuable data.



Hah! I bought my first Mac in 1987. It had 1mb of ram and a 20mb hard drive. It cost approx. $2,500 and had a 9" black and white monitor. But it was invaluable to me at the time as a self-employed small town newspaper publisher and commercial printer. A couple of years later I bought a 3rd party upgrade that included 4mb of ram and a 19" monitor (still black and white). Don't remember what the cost was but it made life a lot easier. Ain't progress great?!

Cafe Alpha

Hmm, my first computer was a TRS-80 Model I with 16 k of ram and a flakey cassette player for storage.

My second was an Atari 800 with 48k of ram and a 90 k floppy drive. I think someone at work had a rare 1 megabyte hard drive.

Mike T

What I miss is the reliability that storage used to have. Hard drives no longer last as long as they once did. SSDs are only going to make things worse because for them it's only a matter of time before they fail because of the very nature of the memory used for SSDs right now.

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