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Sweet, Sweet Ripples

Small freedoms via IBA:

Using colorful bras donated by employees at Victoria's Secret, a group of 26 mostly Saudi women completed the first course of its kind to be offered in the kingdom _ how to fit, stock and sell underwear _ a training organizers hope will help boost a campaign to lift the ban on women selling underwear in the kingdom.

Because the Quran says no.

Because of the mortification many women feel ordering bras, thongs and negligees, the lack of trained sales staff and the absence of fitting rooms _ they're banned because the idea of a woman undressing in a public place is unthinkable _ many women end up with the wrong underwear size.


British consul-general in Jiddah Kate Rudd said she attended Tuesday's ceremony to show support for the idea that women should be allowed to play a more active role. "It was a small step, but perhaps from this little drop there will be bigger ripples," said Rudd.

As John Kerry would say, "Who among us doesn't like ripples?"


Cafe Alpha

That's a misquote she said "there will be bigger nipples!"

Mike T

This is one of those things that has always made me laugh at Islam. How can they possibly be comfortable with the idea of straight men selling lingerie to women, but uncomfortable with the idea of women selling it and trying it on in a private store controlled by a primarily female labor force?

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