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Popular Mechanics via Instapundit:

The first pieces of the U.S. Navy’s newest class of aircraft carrier—meant to be the cornerstone of American military sea power over the next hundred years—lie in the open air of a shipyard in Virginia. A misting rain is falling on the jumbled field of steel bulkheads, stacks of pipe and 200-ton sections of hull. It’s as if some gargantuan child broke apart his model ship and scattered the pieces on the ground.

But Northrop Grumman’s staff at the Newport News shipyard know where every part is located—and the exact order in which each piece must be connected. Building an aircraft carrier is like putting together a 3D jigsaw puzzle, for years on end. Engineers have been designing some of the pieces since 2000; the job won’t be finished until 2015.

Holy #^*!



Did you erase my comment from the other day?

Isaac Schrödinger


No, I didn't. I haven't deleted a comment in months. I checked my 'Typepad comment spam section' and it has zero comments in it for me to approve.

Try again, if you can.

[I checked my comments section and your last comment, before today, shows up here: An Unanswered Question.]



There is a commenter at IBA who I believe could use some encouraging words from you.

His name is Jin and his comments can be found in this post:


Isaac Schrödinger

I got an email from him. I've replied.

His situation is difficult. Let's see how it unfolds.


Oh, I'm very very glad. You and the Avenging Apostate are the guys to help him.


Oh, I'm very happy to hear that. You and the Avenging Apostate are the people to help him.


The virtual reality architecture program is pretty cool.

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