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Don't Wow Me, Bro

The Apostate:

I’m telling you – white skin is HUGELY loaded for so many brown and black people. It has tons of bad associations. I want “them” to feel comfortable with “us.” I want them to realize we are not so different, even if we do like sex and nudity, even if political realities make us oppressive to them. Obama’s skin color gives him more of an edge with the Muslim world than any amount of diplomatic talent. It makes him like them. It makes him approachable. It makes him personally not an oppressor. It makes him relatable. It makes him human.

Is she strictly talking about the opinion of the Muslim world or is her opinion on this matter the same? It's unclear from the given paragraph.

An unfortunate clarity is achieved in a later post:

yesterday, we went to this Republican neighborhood to look at a couch. There were large American flags on almost every mansion’s front porch. Rich, white Republicans. We liked the couch but had to look at another one before we committed. Told the Republican we’d let him know within the hour. We did, saying we wanted their couch. We didn’t get a call back until later and then the Republican said he had other people interested and if we couldn’t pick it up right away, it was going to be a problem. We went back and forth on this for a while until I got fed up and said to Larry, “He probably doesn’t want to sell to us; I’m too brown and we’re too interracial for his white couch.”

Ah yes: your typical white, Christian, Republican keeping the brown woman down. Such statements reveal more about the Apostate than the fellow Christian. The rest of the post makes a mockery of her, ahem, "assumptions."

When I first read about the Apostate, I thought, here is a woman who left her support structure and a tyrannical society to start her life in a great land. If anyone were to appreciate and give the benefit of doubt to America and Americans (most of whom are white and Christian), then it'd be her.

Instead, I had my, er, assumptions shattered. The more she writes, the uglier she becomes.

A commenter there wrote:

Wow, it’s hard for me to believe you have never met a nice Republican or Christian before. There’s good and bad people in every walk of life.

A simple and innocent comment, one would think.

Here's the measured reply:

The next person who acts superior and says “Wow” gets fucking banned.

Why do my blog commenters frequently have such bad manners? I never go on other people’s personal blogs to sneer at them.

That's deliciously rich. A sexist/racist complaining about bad manners.


Snake Oil Baron

I think "Wow" is the appropriate response to her... uh, views. It is an honest expression of shock in response to shocking statements.

I wonder if the white Republicans in the white Republican neighborhood (Democrats are supposedly neither rich nor likely to fly American flags I guess) thought that their willingness to see another couch indicated a reluctance to buy from a white couple - given how many bad associations their white skin has for so many black and brown people.

The old "we have some other buyers looking" line is a time honoured business strategy to get either a better price or, in this case, better terms for the transaction. But nah! It must be racism. Those white Republicans are prone to it. It's in the blood.

Snake Oil Baron

I actually feel kind of bad for her. She didn't invent this belief system she holds and she would not hold it today if she had not been spoon fed its premises and arguments by the culture at large. She might have been a normal human being if Communism and its descendant ideologies (Ironically emerging from white, male pseudo-intellectuals like Marx) had not blanked her slate.

Francis W. Porretto

"A sexist/racist complaining about bad manners."

We tend to fear and hate most in others that which we know to be despicable in ourselves.

Apostate has a lot of very serious problems. I hope she gets help for them, but somehow, I doubt she will.

Mike T
The next person who acts superior and says “Wow” gets fucking banned.

Why do my blog commenters frequently have such bad manners? I never go on other people’s personal blogs to sneer at them.

All she is is an authoritarian. I would have had sympathy for her if she hadn't turned from Islam to Communism. What that reveals about her is not so much that she is a damaged person per se, but rather her instinct is to control people and destroy opposition.

This is a problem that is fundamental to her personality.


Yes, Because White people really don't want people of collor of buy our used trash. Instead we would rather give it to Goodwill, where we will get no financial benefit, and, of course, no colored people will every benefit from it.


I think she is full of inferiority complex and uses "feminism" and "communism" as crutches to feel different from the crowd and hence gets a boost in her self esteem. She doesnt deserve hatred but pity.

Cafe Alpha

Sigh, well we've blown a lot of minds (and deflated delusions) by electing a black president.

I guess the Republicans should run a black candidate so idiots won't assume that Obama only proves that democrats don't hate blacks.

I know it's as stupid reason to pick a president, but the world is so overburdened by moronic delusions and paranoia that deflating a few of them is the most good a president can do.

Cafe Alpha

Kafir, you have a point..

I would invent a different illness to describe her.

Free-floating paranoia and loathing. She came from a bad situation but she can't bring her self to change her loathing of people - she's just looking for people to resent and fear and hate.. if she no longer has good reasons, she'll find bad ones.

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