An Epic Finish
The Glorious Khans

2009 Twenty20 Final

Sri Lankan Innings

1st over: Aamer just dismissed the top-scorer in the tournament for a ... zero! A wicket-maiden. Wow. The 17-year-old Aamer has cemented his place in the national side.

2nd over: Another wicket! This time by Razzaq. Sri Lanka 2/2. Pakistan's traditional bowling strength is firing on all cylinders ... and they haven't even brought out their best bowler yet.

4th over: Jayasuriya smacked around Razzaq in the beginning but the veteran bowler had his revenge. Sri Lanka 26/3. Umar Gul is going to have Sri Lanka's lower order for lunch, assuming Sri Lanka survive for that long.

6th over: Jayawardene departs for a miserable 1. Razzaq has 3 wickets in 3 overs. Pakistan has annihilated the Sri Lankan top order. 32/4.

12th over: Umar Gul is on. Sri Lanka, somewhat stabilized, at 65/4.

The best bowler of the tournament strikes with his third ball. The Sri Lankan lower order is exposed at 67/5.

13th over: Afridi strikes with his last delivery of the match. Sri Lanka 70/6.

17th over: Sangakkara has done the heavy lifting for Sri Lanka. He has scored more than 50% of his team's total.

20th over: Fantastic hitting by Mathews. Aamer wasn't able to contain the big hitting in the last over. Sri Lanka end their innings at a defendable 138/6.

Pakistan need 139 to win. Can the mercurial Pakistanis do it? Can Misbah redeem himself for that horrid shot in the last final?

We shall see.

Pakistani Innings

5th over: They're motoring along nicely. 26/0. The wily Murali starts bowling his first over which ends at 30/0. A pleasant five overs for Pakistan.

6th over: Pakistan need 100 runs from 14 overs. They have all 10 wickets in hand. This is now Pakistan's game to lose.

8th over: Akmal did his job; he's out for a 28-ball 37. The most loved cricketer in Pakistan comes to bat. Afridi is on.

10th over: Murali gets rid of Hasan. Pakistan 65/2.

74 runs needed from 60 balls.

13th over: Pakistan hasn't scored a boundary in four overs but they sure are running hard for 1s and 2s. 83/2. 56 runs needed from 42 balls.

14th over: Afridi smashes Murali for a six and a four in two balls.

15th over: More hard running. At the end, 36 needed from 30.

17th over: At the end, 26 runs from 18 balls. 8 wickets in hand.

18th over: Afridi reaches his epic half-century by taking apart the hapless Udana. 19 runs in this 1 historic over.

Pakistan need 7 runs from 12 balls. They will win.

19th over: Game over with 8 wickets and 8 balls remaining.

Afridi, a truly gifted all rounder, has won the World Cup for Pakistan.

ODI history

1992: Pakistan vs. England
1996: Sri Lanka vs. Australia
1999: Australia vs. Pakistan
2003: Australia vs. India
2007: Australia vs. Sri Lanka

T20 history

2007: India vs. Pakistan
2009: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka

In the last 20 years, Pakistan and Australia have made it to the finals of four global tournaments. Australia has won three and Pakistan has won two.

I was ten years old when Pakistan won in 1992. Hopefully, today's win will provide memories and inspiration to another generation of kids in Pakistan.


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