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The Patriarchy Made Me Do It

Fetiche Nouvelle giggles:

You could say a lot about that study without descending to calling it "lies." You could note that religious and cultural factors are non-uniform and quite powerful, as Apostate unconsciously does in citing Islamic honor killings. You could also say that men tend to change their attitudes toward women's sexuality as they age (the "not with my daughter, you don't" effect), so that societies top-heavy with older members are more disposed toward sexual constraint. But Apostate, a firebreathing militant feminist-Communist who can't differ with anyone without condemning him, has to call it "lies" immediately -- and imply that the authors are unqualified to reach such conclusions, to boot. On the other hand, her "feminist bloggers...who have real academic credentials" will straighten us all out. Indubitably!

The Apostate is quite a character. She sees sexism where others are too obtuse to notice and she thinks that communism is cool. She provides target-rich, logic-deficient posts very week. Her responses to blistering critique is "sexist!", "misogynist!", "stalker!" and "liar!" The beauty of the Internet is that folks can easily see and decide who has the arguments and who has the bile.

I'm thinking of writing a book filled with icy fiskings -- The Spanking of The Apostate by Isaac Schrodinger.

That sounds sinful on so many levels.



The real spanking of her may not be such a bad idea as it will serve so many purposes for a young fella like you

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