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The Apostate:

I’ve been considering stripping for quite a while now. It was the first job I considered when I got to the US and I’ve fantasized about the “easy money” I imagine it yields many a time since then. I’ve never considered it as a “career choice,” only as a stop-gap bill-paying measure that will allow me flexibility and will have a higher return on the hours put in. I’ve never been desperate enough for cash to actually apply for any stripping jobs (or even waitressing jobs), but as I’m now entering my longest period of (voluntary) unemployment and staring looming law school debt in the face, the prospect of stripping sounds appealing.

Her parents must be proud! Their cute, little Muslim girl sure has grown up. After her, er, experience, she can probably turn her story into a novel: One Day in the Life of an ex-Muslim, Misandrist, "Communism Is Cool", Stripper.

It probably won't sell much because of The PatriarchyTM.


Cafe Alpha

Oh god, she's scaring me away from strippers now. What if they're all like her?

Francis W. Porretto

Until this moment, I had no idea she was headed for law school. The outcome of that process should be...interesting. Communism has little regard for the notion of objective law premised on rights. How could a sincerely Communist lawyer function in the legal environment of these United States?

What's that you say? The Democrat Party is composed largely of lawyers? Hmmm...

Snake Oil Baron

I hear it's a great way to develop a contempt for men (or women if you're a Chippendales dancer). Maybe she is already a stripper and is in denial about it.

Mike T

What took her so long? I give her a year before she considers the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.


And she complains that wealth of rich people is ill gotten.

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