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Cutting the Deficit in Half ...

Good Idea!

The Apostate on the Supreme Court:

They better fucking nominate a woman. I’ll be fucking pissed if it’s a white guy - or a guy of any color, frankly.

Can't argue with that logic.

The comments section there gets entertaining when 'Infidel' joins in. The Apostate showcases the following rhetorical wreck:

“Extreme feminism and communism” are not “cool” because these ideas are alien where I come from - they are alien here as well, and that’s not what makes them cool. What makes them cool is that they are good ideas.

A few figures from page four of this book:

  • Latin America: 150,000 deaths.
  • Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths.
  • Vietnam: 1 million deaths.
  • Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths.
  • Cambodia: 2 million deaths.
  • North Korea: 2 million deaths.
  • USSR: 20 million deaths.
  • China: 65 million deaths.

Just how high does a mountain of skulls have to be before the responsible ideology is considered a bad idea?

Perhaps, the question could be put to the thousands who swam through shark-infested waters to escape "cool" Cuba?

The Apostate left Islam but follows these two odious commandments:

  1. Men are the enemy.
  2. Communism is cool.

What a sorry combo.



Funny thing is that she is married to a guy. She should have been a lesbian. Furthermore her husband is a commie. What a great couple.

Francis W. Porretto

It takes a serious degree of detachment from reality to think Communism is a "good idea." It makes me wonder how Apostate could have achieved enough clarity to leave Islam.

Mike T

Communism killed far more people in the 80 years it ruled a good chunk of the world than Islam has ever killed except in war. She chose it for the same reason that high school girls usually choose the jock over the spindly nerd.

Snake Oil Baron

Hearing Communism described as a "good idea" and knowing just how common this view is makes me really want to see humanity replaced with machines. I don't care if they are intelligent machines - toaster ovens would do.

Cafe Alpha

Well she learned from rebelling against Islam that rebelling against prevailing opinion and authority is good, and has decided that if the men of Islam were hideous then one should get all of one's ideas from brain-dead western feminists instead.

Hopefully her thinking will become more nuanced with time and she'll realize that it's humanity that's unreliable not muslims, or men or authorities.

.. Any I have doubts about Isaac's audience. Isaac are you willing to admit that moderate market socialists like Canada's NDP are not the blight on humanity that the Chinese or Soviet Communists were? How about admitting that the Canadian socialized medical system (initiated by the NDP in Sask) is overall an improvement over an American style system?

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