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All Women are Idiots

The Apostate: All men are rapists.

At the end:

All whiny comments defending the male species will be immediately deleted. In a post which is talking about the mass rape of the female half of a population - not an isolated occurrence in one weird country, but a common enough thing - a man need only speak up here if he's willing to join in the indignation that such a statistic should provoke in any decent human being worthy of the name. Everyone who is more concerned with fairness to MEN, who is concerned that the poor men are being unjustly maligned, can go try to teach fifty-year-old depraved monsters not to rape 7 year old girls.

That makes as much sense as the title of this post.


Francis W. Porretto

Well, she's consistent, give her that. But that piece is impossible to comment on, there or elsewhere. It's self-caricaturing.


"Humans simply suck that much."

Thus re-inventing the wheel of thousands of years of theology. See Adam, fall, original sin, natural man.

David Boxenhorn

Actually, her point seems to be that the difference between places where most men really are rapists, and places where they are not, is socialization. I think I agree with that.


yeah all men are killers too.

Snake Oil Baron

"All whiny comments defending the male species will be immediately deleted."

What is the male species? I have heard that there are species of lizards that reproduce for generations without males (a natural form of cloning) but I am unfamiliar with an all male species.

Anyway... I have apparently not been living up to my potential as a man/rapist. I better get raping. Does it have to be a women or can I just rape the ecosystem or something. Because after trying to read that post of her's I'm not sure if I am heterosexual anymore.

Mike T
That’s supposed to be such a controversial thing to say. But if you insert the word “potential” before “rapists” it becomes no less than the truth. Given the right social circumstances, almost all men are willing to rape, just as, given the right circumstances, almost all human beings, male and female, are willing to torture. Humans simply suck that much.

What she misses is that the only societies that had a socialization process that was consistently anti-rape were the ones collectively known as Christendom and Israel. That's why Vox Day has remarked on many occasions that the pathological hatred that most feminists have for Christianity will invariably result in a huge surge in rape and other brutalities against women. One need only look at Sweden to see the proof of that. Lacking its traditional Christian heritage, it no longer has the stomach to defend its women from rape on a consistent basis and the rape rate there is soaring out of control.

Cafe Alpha

I once met an insane young zookeeper at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. He would run around with a broom trying stop the ducks from mating (some of which had been imported from Africa and their wings clipped so they couldn't escape over the fence that surrounded the park).

Why did he try to stop the ducks from mating? Because his opinion was that the drakes were rapists. He explained to me that the drakes would gang up on the hens, and that this just isn't right.

I am face-palming right now.

Anyway that moron was a man after Apostates paranoid heart.

Cafe Alpha
Anyway... I have apparently not been living up to my potential as a man/rapist. I better get raping. Does it have to be a women or can I just rape the ecosystem or something. Because after trying to read that post of her's I'm not sure if I am heterosexual anymore.

You can rape my ecosystem anytime, baby!

Cafe Alpha
It doesn’t help that so many men even in civilized societies, whether they have any intent to harm a woman or not, believe that their vocal attention is something that women experience as a “compliment.” If they really empathized with the sense of danger women live with, they’d know that we are grateful for being left alone more than anything.

Some women do like to be complemented and not all women feel like they're in danger.

Cafe Alpha

Sigh, if I had read her article instead of just your quote from it, I wouldn't have complained. Really the rest of it is not the sort of rant that horrible last paragraph is.

Isaac Schrödinger

Cafe Alpha: I don't disagree with the fact that women live in extreme fear of men in horrible parts of the world. And they have good reasons to do so.

The Apostate, however, transfers that guilt to all men in all societies. She hates men. All men are rapists. Don't defend the male species.

Which gender in most cases can protect women? Who serves in the police? Who joins the military? Who helps to walk a girl home late at night?

My argument isn't the similarly idiotic: All men are good. It's simply this: The West, today, isn't a system where women are oppressed. Those men who do treat women atrociously should, and are, punished.

To lump the wretched, cruel men with the rest isn't going to convince anyone. Furthermore, the constant antagonistic attitude doesn't help. It only alienates good men.

How feminists of the Apostate variety think that they are, overall, benefiting women is beyond me.

Snake Oil Baron

Cafe Alpha: "You can rape my ecosystem anytime, baby!"

Best retort ever.


pleeeze..if all men wanted to rape all the time, we simply just WOULD. There would be no laws against it, nor anyone of any significance to enforce any transgressions against any such laws. Let pathetic people stew in their own idiocy and don't worry about trying to "debate" or reassure them - their lives are one constant blame-game dodging the obvious one at fault- themselves.

Robert in Toronto

Do not make the mistake of engaging with hormonally lobotomized children pretending to be rational human beings.

If SHE thinks:

- all men are rapists
- it is all your fault
- women are special
- objective reality has anything to do with the toilet-swirl-of-the-cranium she vomits forth

Well, let her think that. Please support laws which limit the negative impact mentally ill people have on others. Then shun these psychos.

OOPs, no more time. I have some raping to do.

Unanimous Corrector

Absolutely anyone at all who makes any sort of generalization is absolutely wrong, especially if you believe what I just said. If you think all women are idiots, you are wrong. Just 98%, 2% including the one reading this comment right now. All men are rapists, however, is an extremely ignorant, and, to go back to a previously discussed topic, idiotic assumption, because if all men were rapists, all women would be dead. Then the ecosystem would collapse due to lack of reproduction and the human race would cease to exist at all. Henceforth, since I am a human, and I am fairly sure all of you are, then the species survives, and by that principle, men cannot all be rapists. Potential, yes, but that part is irrelevant because all beings in the universe are "potentially" rapists. Just as all beings in the universe are "potentially" birds, because the word "birds" is a human term given to the animal by humans. If humans, or should I say birds, decided to call themselves birds and humans "humans," then all humans would be birds. The same goes for the word "being," as a noun, being replaced by the word "bird," thereby making every "being" in the world a "bird." And to be fair, I would like to retract my previous statement regarding 98%. Women aren't idiots. They just think with an emotional touch that is unnecessary and annoying, whereas men think with the logical, useful portion of their brain. Meaning that all the flaws discusses here are by creation. Men can be "potentially" rapists because of testosterone. Women are "apparently" idiots because their way of thinking and rationalizing is screwed up. It is neither gender's fault. Most in general are designed to think their right and all others are wrong, especially but not biased by any sort of sexism, women. Point in case, do not assume without perfectly listening to every side of the story, just as I have listened to every possible source. FYI #1: The male species doesn't exist. Its called the male population. FYI #2: I thought of all this off the top of my head in 3 minutes and 46 seconds. I have had a little practice resolving problems correctly, but in an honest manner that makes both sides wrong, which is what compromise is, because both sides can never fully be right, and only "full" right can be accepted and only people who realize this should be allowed to live. It would be a utopia that way. Problem is, it would be a utopia where only I and about 10 other people would exist. Whether you agree or not, I am unarguably right, because I have given up the notion that I must be, therefore I am.

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