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A reader asks:

I've been wondering about this for a while - do you happen to have any inside info as to exactly how much support the Taliban enjoys inside Pakistan? I know that the regime probably just wishes they'd all drop off the face of the earth, but how much support do they have in the border region from the average Pakistani?

The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan is the most religiously intolerant place in that nation. A few years ago, thugs there started beating up people who weren't in mosques during prayer time.

I would say that the majority doesn't oppose the Taliban for two big reasons.

1. The Taliban represent themselves as enforcers of true, undiluted Islam. Ergo, anyone who opposes them is the enemy. Even Pakistanis in urban areas -- where one can fly kites, play cricket, listen to the latest Indian music and watch Hollywood blockbusters -- oppose the US and hence are in de facto alignment with the Taliban. Of course, this support would wane if they got their golden chance to live under their demonic rule.

2. Many people in that province don't consider themselves an integral part of Pakistan. Their cultural habits, ethnicity and language are distinct from the rest of the country. The Pathans (or Pashtuns) are extremely tribal and often refuse to allow the Pakistani military in their lands. Pakistanis have to use local officers to enforce the law; many Pathans in the military simply don't cooperate with anti-terrorist efforts or, worse, tip the suspects.

In a provincial population of 20 million, I'm sure, one can find millions who loathe the Taliban but they'd be sadly outnumbered by the irrational buffoons who provide moral and financial support to this modern evil.


Mike T

I know it'd be a hard pill for the Pakistani government to swallow, but it sounds like the most rational thing to do would be to remove the tribal region from Pakistan proper. Make it an occupied territory, make it an independent region. Just cut it off like a cancerous growth.

Snake Oil Baron

Then send in the Western ground troops who are in Afghanistan to purge the Taliban lest it become like Afghanistan before 2001. I suspect that there are a lot of people in the region who could be salvaged as a culture if the Taliban influence was not there and some real civil structures put in place. If it worked then road and rail links between Afghanistan and the un-Talibanized parts of Pakistan could be created and repaired. Some real development could be started.

If the Pakistan army has too many ties with the local tribes to enforce law and order then let let the outsiders deal with it. Hell, call it outsourcing of security and development.


Dear writer,
If you dont know the reality its better not to write,
The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan is the most religiously intolerant place in that nation.
i would first comment on this sentence i think and i am sure we the pathans are the most tolerant ppl, we are hospitable, tolerant, true, brave, honest, straightforward, but its just the sterotypes that made us so, we are intolerant if someone attacks us, we are if someone trioes to dishonor us, we are if some one tries to misuse our virtues, and we are never the supporters of the taliban, come ask ppl and u wil see that majority are moderate ppl, and may ask who are these talibans and who made them, is it we who made and sponsored them?
bhope u got the answer

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