A Miracle



I haven't watched the video b/c I'm not set up for it. But I have to say that I wonder about a lot of the commenters on Helen's blog, and her responses to them. The guy who took money out of his 401k to buy a mercedes for his divorcing wife - WHAT???? And then to talk about what "women" are like nowadays. I don't think he needs to try to blame his irrational behavior on anyone but himself.

Also, the part about how even successful women want men who are more successful than they are - once again, I don't know those women. I am the principle breadwinner in my marriage. It just worked out that way, especially when we moved to Florida and it took my husband way longer than we'd thought to find a job. It NEVER BOTHERED ME that I was bringing home the bacon, except when I came home at the end of the (long, tiring) workday to be asked what I wanted for dinner. After about the 14th iteration of "I don't know, I've been at work all day" the clue bat struck and that stopped happening. But I would never extrapolate from this to how men are like this and women are like that. Or blame "men" or put stress on my husband because I don't feel I should have to work - who finds these princesses?

OT: Isaac, don't miss this.

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