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I'm reminded of some parenting book I read when my daughter was very small. It said that when the kid does something naughty or otherwise inconvenient you should never ask "Why did you do that?" because that is a question with no answer.

The only possible answer is "because it occurred to me to do it, so I did," and little kids can't really formulate that coherently.

And those things that are done, that can't be answered as to "why", are a lot of fun when they're done by grown people who can think through possible unplanned outcomes and hopefully avoid death and dismemberment.

And I'm reminded of the spudzooka that my husband carefully designed and made out of PVC pipe, with WD-40 as a propellant; he shot not only potatoes but overgrown turnips from my parents' garden with it. They shot potatoes at trees and at my dad's workshed, and they shot a turnip straight up in the air and timed how long it took to fall (11 seconds). He and my dad and BIL had a lot of fun with it. That was one smokin' potato gun.

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