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Defining Racism

David Thompson:

Via Critical Mass, here’s a short follow-up film on the indoctrination efforts of Delaware University’s ResLife programme - described by its proponents as a “treatment” - in which students were told, The term [racist] applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality.”

Aha! So, the voluminous non-white immigration into Canada, the US and the broader West is just to make us think that they are not racist.

Such smart racists, these white people.


Snake Oil Baron

Yup. We're sneaky devils.

I wonder if "all" includes people with any "white" ancestry. Does racism follow the "one drop" rule? Maybe I should wear a disclaimer to warn female non-whites: "Warning! Reproducing with this honky will result in you having racist kids!"

Well, with all the other warning signs I am wearing it probably won't be an issue.

Cafe Alpha

I'm on a slow connection so I couldn't watch the videos.

It sounds like this is that "anti-racism" of racist idiots. Real anti-racism would not itself divide people into white and non-white. It would posit that biggotry is unacceptable no matter who is perpetrating it or against whom.

If diversity training laid down a rule that common biggotry, say Muslims preaching against Jews, is against university policy and could result in expulsion that would be interesting. I wonder if anyone will ever have the guts to make THAT policy.

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