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Vox Popoli:

Daniel Hannan's fiery speech addressing Gordon Brown at the European Parliament electrified the Internet when it was broadcast on YouTube last week. Vox Day interviewed the iconoclastic author, journalist, and European parliamentarian about Brown, Britain, and the global economic crisis on March 26, 2009.

I liked his answer here:

One thing that tends to confuse Americans is that the British National Party is not very popular despite holding what appear to be populist views on immigration and the European Union. Why do they enjoy so little support compared to the three major parties?

Because they are, contrary to the way they are described in the BBC, a party of the far left. They're in favor of nationalization, they're in favor of protectionism, they want workers' councils to run industry, they want a massive state program of rebuilding manufacture. Like Hayek said about the socialist roots of Nazism, they are a national socialist party and the socialist bit is very important to them. Plus, there is a line, a very important line in politics, between being anti-immigration and anti-immigrant. And they've crossed that line.


Mike T

If only we had someone like this in Congress...

Snake Oil Baron

While I am not surprised any more, it disgusts me that the BBC has had me duped into thinking the BNP was on the right.

Funny that the economic policies of the BNP and BBC could be so similar and yet they would be enemies over one or two issues like whether immigrants should be hated or patronized and whether a nationalist theocracy or an Islamic theocracy is a preferable model for society.

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