The "Patriarchy", Again
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Trashcanistan Supreme

Cafe Alpha provides this link in the comments here:

From The Guardian comes the depressing news that the cancer of Sharia Law has infected the body of Pakistan.

Significant chunks of sharia have infected Pakistan for a long time.

Now, it's going hardcore:

Singer Sardar Yousafzai and his band were driving from a wedding gig when the gunmen burst onto the road, firing without warning.

Yousafzai survived, but a harmonium player died and four others were wounded. He is now in hiding — the latest of many entertainers whose lives and livelihoods face an escalating threat from Taliban-led militants in northwest Pakistan.

That's right: Allah doesn't like music.

As Taliban militants gain a stronger hold in this region of Pakistan, they are imposing their view that music, singing and other such arts are un-Islamic. Several entertainers have been kidnapped or killed, while many others have fled, quit or watched their work opportunities dwindle.


There are also signs the cultural assault is spreading. In the eastern city of Lahore, for instance, a handful of small bombs have detonated near theaters and a cultural complex in recent months, spurring fears of a "Talibanization" of a cultural center.

I was born in Lahore -- a city bustling with music, movies, theater and gloriously cheap arcade games. The Taliban couldn't have picked a more target-rich environment.

Pakistanis supported the Taliban when they came into power; now, it's time to savor the bitter, lethal fruits.


Cafe Alpha

The good news is that the sanest people in the middle east (apart from the Kurds and Israelis) are Iranians (who should be called Persians, damn it) who have come to hate their government.

It may be that the only way to end the support for Islam is to let the Islamists oppress a few generations and cause more deadly wars that devastate the population the way Iranian war with Iraq did.

It's painful, but a few generations of pain and oppression under Sharia will get rid of people's illusions about how wonderful Islam is.

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