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Around Sunset

The Trouble with Leftists

The Apostate:

We do a ton of harm in the world, and we don’t - and never have - taken care of our poor and disadvantaged, our minorities and oppressed classes.

This is an odd statement for many reasons:

  1. The "harm" America does in the world is never specified. America shoulders the defense of Europe through NATO. America has sent aid and soldiers to Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. After the deadly tsunami in Asia, American ships helped the needy with supplies and Americans donated millions upon millions of dollars.
  2. Americans have transferred, over the decades, trillions of dollars to help the poor in America. People of all colors line up in embassies hoping that they too soon will have the power to forge their fortunes in this glorious land. Cubans don't swim shark-infested waters so that they could be "oppressed" again in America.
  3. What is it with the "we"? The Apostate wants instant on-demand abortions everywhere in America. (You know to help the disadvantaged!) Her motto might as well be: Keep your hands away from my body! No problem there. Is it too much to ask that she keep her hands away from other people's wallets?
  4. Name a country, other than America, where minorities have it better?

More drivel:

This is a great country with a ton of potential; and we need to make it over so that it becomes a great country for everyone. And we need to do it without fucking over the rest of the world, something we have not managed thus far.

Excellent plan.

The system needs to fail - completely - so we can get something in place that faintly resembles government of the people for the people’s welfare.

Yes, because only when the system fails, there will occur something fantastic and magical and then everyone will have a pony.

A simple changing of the government or an amendment won't do.

I wonder how many books one has to read to be this stupid. At no point, are the problems specified nor are the solutions. But, of course, the system must fail! For the people!


Snake Oil Baron

"But, of course, the system must fail! For the people!"

The essence of the Obama/Pelosi economic and foreign policy. While not explicitly stating it, the problem has been identified: America used its hard work and ingenuity to gain power and influence that dwarfs that of the rest of the world. The only way to equalize the power balance in the world is to remove America's power by trashing its economy, screwing over its allies and empowering dictators by offering them whatever they want. A multipolar world (and hilarity) ensues.

Francis W. Porretto

This girl has an idee fixe. She treats it like a logical premise. That's more or less forced upon her, as one could never reason one's way toward it from the evidence.

Such fixed ideas are often the result of youthful indoctrination. Sometimes they arise from the pressures of one's social circle to conform ideologically. And sometimes the sufferer is just BLEEP!ing nuts. But in all cases, the fixed idea is the problem; only removing or destroying it will bring relief -- and it's not clear how one goes about doing that.

Mike T
The system needs to fail - completely - so we can get something in place that faintly resembles government of the people for the people’s welfare.

I don't think she truly realizes how much it actually is the system that is holding this country together. The United States is not one nation, it's one country. There are several regional cultures in this country which have about as much right to call themselves several nations living under one country as the Irish, Welsh and Scottish did/do under the United Kingdom. If the system fails, I think at the very least you would see the South reconstituting the Confederate States of America with a constitution similar to the 1861 constitution, but with slavery outlawed.

Mike T

Additionally, one of the mistakes that people often make is thinking that language is integral to nationality. It's not. There are 4 nations living under one room right now in the UK that speak the same language, but they have cultural differences as deep as any that exist between other nations that border one another.

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