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KM Shravan Dharmaraj

yes..im from the same city of Madras to which rahman belongs too...he's such a genius...and hes gonna make it big on the world stage..Just listen to his body of work in india..Its amazing

Tambi Dude

however slumdog millionaire was one of his poor albums.

Snake Oil Baron

It is ironic that a convert to Islam would become a famous composer given how many schools of Islamic jurisprudence discourage music.


He is not your run of the mill convert to islam. He follows Sufism not your traditional Islam

Snake Oil Baron

I've heard mixed reviews about Sufism. Some say it is a nice, open minded branch of Islam while others say it is seen by Westerners through rose coloured glasses.

Anyway, I am pleased that he is able to express his gift.

I suppose it does not really matter which branch of Islam Michael Jackson converted to since no one would accuse him of making music or singing. The constant crotch grabbing (his own crotch and those of others) might be an issue eventually.

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