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Daniel Pipes:

Bridges TV pretended to be based on what critic Zuhdi Jasser calls the "public marital partnership" of the station's first couple; Muzzammil ("Mo") Hassan proudly related how his wife Aasiya Z. Hassan spurred him to create Bridges TV.

The private life was a bit different:

In fact, reports Aasiya's divorce attorney, the couple had "physical confrontations off and on" during their entire eight-year marriage and these recently escalated to Muzzammil issuing death threats. Salma Zubair, who says she is Aasiya's sister, writes that Aasiya "lived her 8 years of married life with fear."

Later, he killed her.

A reliable source informs me – and this is breaking news – that the police found Muzzammil repeatedly told his wife that she had no right, under Islamic law, to divorce him. They also quote him stating that Aasiya, because beheaded, cannot reach paradise.

Muzzammil's defense lawyer says his client will plead not guilty, presumably by reason of insanity.


Snake Oil Baron

"Muzzammil's defense lawyer says his client will plead not guilty, presumably by reason of insanity."

I wonder if the dude's lawyer will try to equate Islam with insanity. It would be a winning strategy but a controversial one.

If she had responded to his violence by cutting off his dick as that Lorena Bobbitt chick did would women's rights groups have come to her defense? Probably not, since Islamic patriarchy is held to different standards than Western patriarchy.

An Islamic woman's head is worth less than a Western man's dick. The irony has reached critical mass and creates an irony event horizon.

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