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Mezba poses a simple and important question in the title. He describes the symptoms truthfully but somehow doesn't quite answer the question:

In Canada we live respectfully with the Jews and while we disagree on many things, we treat them as our friends and neighbors.
In Bangladesh Jews are the cause of all problems and the reason why there is so much war all around the world and after all, everything is Israel's fault and part of a conspiracy.


In Canada molesting a women is against the law.
In some Muslim lands molesting a women IS the law.

In Canada we treat work as noble. A labourer at a construction site (work that the Prophet did) is as much a person as a doctor.
In Bangladesh, "they" are second class citizens and not even worth a mention.

Isn't it interesting that lands across the world where Muslims have majorities -- and thus have large portions of sharia incorporated in law -- the conditions for humanity are utterly filthy? People, who get the golden chance, quickly leave these places, yet too many don't answer the question, "Why is it that my birth country is a mini-hell on earth but these "infidel-infested" lands are better in every measurable way?"

The answer, of course, is Islam. Subtract that from the culture and especially from the political sphere and then these halaal countries just might progress from the 7th century.


Snake Oil Baron

They probably do answer the question but chose an answer which is easier to stomach than the truth. Conspiracies against Muslim lands, rulers who are not Islamic enough, Jews, not getting the Islam quite right, etc.

Just like those who still believe in communism, they feel that if it could only be tried one more time in just the right way, this time it would work.

Mike T

In their defense (I know, I know; me saying something positive) this cultural habit predates Islam in much of the world. Hindu India is a good example. The untouchables are treated even worse by the upper castes than construction workers in Bangladesh.


The reason they don't answer the question is because they don't allow the question to be asked in the first place.

That's Islam; no questions asked.

Tambi Dude

Mike T, while attitudes towards untouchables may be really bad, the govt of india is doing all its can to help them. Do you know that in all education in india, there is a set quota for untouchables. No matter what, that quota can be filled in only by untouchables even if their grades are no where near others. The underlying principle is, they need a break in coming up in life and we have to lower the standards. The hope is that the next generation would have better access to education and fare much better, eventually making such affirmative action almost needless.
I would love to see such affirmative action in any other country.
Oh, by the way , did I saw that the quota for upper caste is just 31%. Upper caste can only compete in 31% of seats in engineering or medical schools.

Cafe Alpha

Here is why you made the right choice getting asylum in Canada.

Cafe Alpha

I posted a link to the mob at York University to show that Muslims in Canada don't respect Jews, but he chose not to publish it.

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