Hating Free Speech

A Real Life Nightmare

The Apostate has a dream:

I had a dream that helped me - after years of befuddlement - suddenly understand the allure of parenthood.

The first time I read that I laughed. Now after excerpting it, I see how truly sad that is.

I started wondering about the baby, thinking of it as a person, wondering what it would be like. Aborting it seemed like ending the possibility of a wonderful person.

Wow. The Apostate has a heart!

... Or maybe not:

Shockingly, infanticide doesn’t horrify me. Babies are less recognizably human than cats.

There are no words.


Francis W. Porretto

It's an article of faith on the Left that there is no right to life. They'd never put it quite that way, of course, but consider: They put the "right to life" below the "right" to have careless sex with a stranger and abort the "consequences." Worse, they claim that a physician who refuses to perform such an abortion is violating that "right:" a brief for enslaving the physician in service to the "right" to abort. Worse, a good many of them consider that "right" to be so strong that it justifies compelling other people to pay for the abortion. In that view, the "right" to abort is a right to compel other people to facilitate murder.

Murder, enslavement, and the abrogation of property rights and private rights of conscience: the naked face of the Left's ultimately anti-human agenda. Like the picture?

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