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Useful Idiocy on Celluloid

Joe Lima via David Thompson:

“Che” fails on a much deeper level. It attempts to depict actual historical events, the effects of which still play out today and affect millions of people. Does the movie tell the truth? It barely even tries. It is in this failure to connect with historic truth that the film sinks from being a mere failure to being an ugly lie.

I doubt the people involved were interested in the truth to begin with.

The first comment there says it better than I could:

That Che Guevara is a hero and American soldiers are villains tells you everything you need to know about Hollywood. They could not be more idiotic. It would be thoroughly disgusting if it weren’t so laughable.


Snake Oil Baron

How on earth do Hollywood studios and other entertainment industries and media corporations stay in business for so long without their shareholders noticing the eternal 'fail'? Are these companies simply owned as a source of tax write offs or something?


Yeah. But whatever brings cash, remember...

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