What a Pose!
Legitimate Use of Force


Tambi Dude

wow, 2 yrs already. I remember I was waiting for an update in the blog about your case but got an email first from you. And if you remember, the subject of your mail was not worded properly (which gave an impression that you lost the case). My heart sank reading the subject first.

keep up the good work. Your blog is something I visit almost daily.

Isaac Schrödinger

Thank you.

Mike T

If you ever grow tired of the Canucks, there is plenty of room for people like you in Dixie.

Isaac Schrödinger

Hey, the Canucks aren't that annoying! :)

I can certainly see a day when I get tired of the cold or the taxes, then ...

We'll see.


hey bro .. i really enjoy reading your blog , we both think alike,keep it up ~

Best Regards

Hussy The Apostate

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