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The Religion of Peace Explained II

From the comments of this post:

Their vision of the Prophet (saws) and the Sahaabah are 1960’s hippies or Code Pink radicals. I get the feeling that if they knew the REALITY of the Prophet (saws) and his blessed Sahaabah that they would not only not like them at all - but they would be repulsed because of their Western brainwashing.

What brainwashing might that be?

If they saw sex slaves being taken, they would complain of so called “women’s rights”. Many of them think that slavery itself is unislamic and even think that Islam calls for its banishment or some “abolition” movement. These same people would protest that the kufaar have to pay jiziyyah in the Islamic government. There was never any such movements in the history of Islam until the advent of Muslims learning values from the West.

Yes, those filthy! horrible! Judeo-Christian + Greco-Roman values have truly poisoned the minds of Muslims who live in the West.

Can't a brother get a sex-slave?

Another precious commenter:

Denying the zakaah is KUFR. And the penalty for kufr is death. That is why Abu Bakr declared war on the apostates. This story is a thorn in the necks of those who claim that there is no mandate to kill apostates in Islam.

More from this lovely fellow:

One othe thing that has not been mentioned here is that Islam is not complatible with democracy or any system in which the kufaar are considered to be equal to the believers. Far too many muslims think that participation in “the system” is somehow beneficial to the Muslims when in fact we have our own divine and COMPLETE system of gov’t from top to bottom that we can live by.

Where everyone shall submit to Allah ... or else.



I love your delicate replies Isaac. You are firm and diplomatic and beautifully ironic. Carry on, my friend! -- C.P.

Isaac Schrödinger

I will. Thank you, Chris.


Unbelievable. Multiculturalism is an absolutely bankrupt ideology and must be abandoned.

Thank you for posting these.

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