Fiscal Insanity
A New York Sunset

The Chosen Scapegoats

Yaacov Lozowick:

What Cole has just told us is that his mind can live with the explanation that Mohammad Atta murdered thousands of people in New York, because five years earlier he'd been absolutely and totally furious at an Israeli killing of one hundred people in Lebanon. Moreover, Cole implies, it is well likely that another act of Israeli killing today will have a similar result sometime down the road. Furthermore, he then goes on, he's telling us this because the Obama administration must stop the way Israel is purposefully putting Americans in danger merely because Israelis are that kind of people.

It's amazing how some people adamantly refuse to see evil.


Mike T

If these people were political realists, they'd realize that our efforts to fund Israel, while not necessarily good for Israel, are rational for us. A lot of the groups over there that hate Israel hate us equally, and by arming Israel even more than they are on their own, we give them the means of waging a war partly on our behalf so that it is, in fact, Israel that is responsible for the fighting, not us.

Snake Oil Baron

"some people adamantly refuse to see evil."

I am starting to be convinced that it is not bombers and head-choppers who are evil. They are manipulated fools whose every thought is programed in by doctrine and emotional mind altering stupidity. It is the excuse makers, rationalizers and confabulators who do not share the ideology of death yet wholeheartedly support it for their own reasons who are truly evil. Real monsters do not burn synagogues or tell Jews to go "back to the ovens". Real monsters read the news to the people who do those things.

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