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Gays Support Hamas

The first comment in this post:

I will never understand the left siding with the Islamics

They very tenants they hold dear and claimed to have championed, Gay rights, womens rights, hell even human rights the Islamics would be more than happy to take away from them.

Whatever ally is anti-US, anti-Israel or anti-West will do for the brain-dead on the left.


Sébastien Mamy

Thanks for the comment !

Mike T

Left wing thought is dominated by dichotomies, Isaac. Oppressor-oppressed is chief among them. They cannot imagine a multipolar world in which some workers side with capital, some capital sides with labor, some people are parasites on both, etc. For example, workers like me, a software engineer, have no place in Marxist theory since I have nothing in common with the proletariat, but I am definitely not part of the capitalist class either.

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