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Elusive Peace


If you are poking a bee's nest with a stick, better be sure to have protection for when they come out. One has to question the tactical necessity of firing rockets at residential areas in Israel. What objective, military or otherwise, did they achieve?


After a few more points, this question is asked:

So what should the Muslim community world wide (and the Arabs) do to prevent another round of genocide?

Genocide? Israel has been giving up territory (Sinai, Golan, Gaza) and leaving Arabs to their fate for many years. In that time, the population of Arabs around Israel has grown at a sharp rate. One has to admit, it's the most amusing method of genocide in history.

Israel is specifically targetting Hamas -- you know, that lovely group which actually has genocide as one of its ideals.

Mezba then offers a peace proposal:

You want peace, stability and economic prosperity. Even thought of emulating the Prophet? The Hudaibiya treaty, signed with terms very unfavourable to the Muslims, changed the game forever. Go to the Israelis and ask for a 20 year peace treaty.

How truly wicked. Hamas to Israel: "Please, stop killing us! Let's have peace ... for now. We'll be back later with better weapons to slaughter your children."

This from an educated Muslim in the West.


Tambi Dude

his comment ""Read" is the first revealed word of Quran. "Ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr" said the Prophet. The Muslim world has a surplus of martyrs and a deficit of scholars."

is a fabrication. there is no such verse in Quran.
let us see whether he posts this comment.

Isaac Schrödinger

Mezba wrote two different things there:

1. The first revealed word of the Quran is indeed, "Read!" Since, the Quran today isn't in chronological order, that word isn't the first one there.

2. Muhammad said a lot of things. What he said was recorded many years later from people who knew him. So, it's possible he did say the whole ink-scholar bit but that won't be available in the Quran.

Muhammad also said to kill anyone who changes his/her religion from Islam. I wonder what Mezba thinks about that uplifting view.

Mike T

Whenever I hear Muslim rubbish about genocide, I think about the Banu Qurayza. The Jews have never had a good reason to trust the Muslims.

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