Hell in a Cannon
A Wonder

We Got Snow

The Canadian Press:

The Great White North is living up to its name.

Winter debuted Sunday with boisterous displays of heavy snow, powerful winds and numbing cold across the country. Forecasters are predicting Christmas will look much the same.

I had to walk a few hundred meters on Friday. It was a most brutal storm experience: High winds, flakes slashing into my face and snow in my boots. It took me a good thirty minutes to defrost after I got indoors.

Though flurries Sunday were somewhat anti-climactic there after five days and three storms - dubbed "snowmaggedon" by Environment Canada - some 30 to 50 cm will have accumulated across the province, Phillips said.

"It's the third one that brings you down, you're running out of places to put the snow, you're just going on adrenaline and people are fed up," he said.



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