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In the ironic, postmodern world, you earn accolades by tarring a disagreeable politician with the epithet “terrorist.” By contrast, had Mr. Khan worn a t-shirt critical of Bin Laden & his supporters, and stepped out of his comfy limo at the wrong time just a few blocks away, the word “terrorist” would have taken on a considerably more literal meaning.

The bravery of these "artists" never ceases to amaze.


David Boxenhorn

I think you meant to put the quotes around "bravery"...

And, BTW, "Bollywood" is an anachronism of European hegemony, it is now called "Mumblywood". Shame on The Washington Times for saying "Bollywood's 'new heartthrob'"!

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, I've known it as Bombay for most of my life. Even most of my Indian friends call it by that name. Sometimes I interrupt them and say, "Don't you mean Mumbai!?" They don't care.

Oh, my blog could use tons of quotes. In addition to "bravery" I could have had "amaze" as well. Though, you're correct: the bravery quotes make the most sense.

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