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Tunku Varadarajan via Instapundit:

As Ralph Peters wrote on Dec. 16, "If an Arab journalist had thrown his shoes at Saddam Hussein or one of his guests, the tosser would've been beaten, then tortured, then killed. Today's Iraqi government is considering whether the man should be charged under the state's democratically validated Constitution."

In the meantime, offers are being made by proud Arabs for Muntader's shoes, offers running to millions of dollars. Various shoemakers in Turkey, in Lebanon, in Egypt, are claiming they cobbled together the pair that was hurled into the history books. All of this would be rather funny if it weren't so completely pathetic ... so utterly, ineffably sad.

This is one of the reasons why so many Muslims viscerally want to slaughter anyone who criticizes Islam. They can plainly see just how weak and poor they are in the modern world. The one thing that brings them comfort is their, ahem, superior religion. Take that away and they've got zilch.

The sad reality is that it is largely their religion which keeps them economically and morally poor.


Mike Thomsen

I'd love to see Bush issue a statement that says "so how's that oil-dependent economy working out for you?" the next time Iran says we're failing and proving our economic model is entirely wrong.

Isaac Schrödinger

The day will come when oil is replaced by another source of energy. That day, the Arab world will again physically go back to the Stone Age. The transition should be easy; they're already mentally there.

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