Scaring Away the Geese
Obama and Trade

America: Officially Not Racist


JOHN MCCAIN CONCEDES: The crowd boos Obama, but he silences them. "His success alone commands my respect for his ability and perseverance. . . . This is a historic election. . . . Let there be no reason now for any citizen to fail to cherish their citizenship in this, the greatest nation on earth." The crowd cheers.

Let's see how President Obama does in the upcoming "test".


Saul Wall

Since Canada has never elected a black Prime Minister we are now officially more racist than the States. I hope Obama doesn't come here, he wouldn't be safe around us Nazis.


It is historical and exciting, but that is a poor reason for voting for Obama.

I see that many believe it is evidence of racism when voters who would normally vote Republican did not vote for Obama! I would like to see the numbers on Democrats who voted Republican. Although there are a lot of complicating factors given that Obama is not by any measure a conservative Democrat whereas McCain is a fairly moderate Republican.


What I meant to convey was that a Republican voting Republican doesn't mean anything race-wise. Its Republicans voting Democrat and Democrats voting Republican that would be the interesting populations and we know which population was bigger.

Mike T

Ironically, the election of Obama brought about a sweeping victory for ending gay marriage in California. They should have known that that would happen, since most minority voters tend to be very socially conservative when it comes to issues like homosexuality.

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