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The Apostate:

Marc Ambinder, although I haven’t read him much, seemed reasonable. I could tell he was a conservative fucktard, because few entitled privileged white guys can resist the charms of being told they deserve their privileges by virtue of inherent superiority, but the general tenor of his blog didn’t lead me to expect him to actually vote for McCain after all. I mean, McCain is seriously a joke - no self-respecting “intellectual” type could vote for him for, you know, rational reasons.

Turns out Ambinder’s cast an early ballot for McCain.

"Intellectual" activity -- Exhibit A:

Whenever I find out that someone smart and privileged and successful is an asshole or evil (anyone who votes for McCain when he obviously knows better is an evil asshole), I do a Google Image search on them hoping they’re ugly.


Snake Oil Baron

It is a good thing Google doesn't have a "Soul Search" function.

"'The Apostate' soul search yielded: no content. Would you like to search another soul?"

Francis W. Porretto

Do you keep watch on that poor demented girl as a form of penance?

Isaac Schrödinger

"Do you keep watch on that poor demented girl as a form of penance?"

Penance? I don't think I'm atoning for an awful act in this case.

She often writes unintentional comedy.

She screams racist! when someone provides reasons for the shortage of women in the tough sciences. Yet, she has explicitly stated that she hates men. Here, she talks about dumb and supposedly evil people and then only a paragraph later showcases her juvenile behavior.

She's like a derailed, mangled train. I can't help but sneak a peek every few days.

Hopefully, there aren't any negative health consequences for this pathetic "addiction."

Mike T

I bet he smells bad too...

As a fan of Vox Day, I'll give her this one, since he can be particularly brutal on feminists who threaten to deny him sex in the future, but damn. She takes herself so seriously when she does this.

Cafe Alpha

I had what I thought was an irrational reaction to her at first. In the back of my mind, I predicted that she was going to show this sort of demented hostility and petulance. But I said to myself that it was just a stereotype I have, that it can't be true that every feminist in San Francisco is a fucking nutcase...

Anyway she doesn't do my side any credit, but I will also be voting for Obama.

And I still respect her for her for seeing that Islam is wrong and for having the courage to separate herself from him at some cost... What she replaced it with is unpleasant and bigotted but nearly harmless. She isn't a monster like Mohammad was and she deserves some respect for having at least the wit to see the evil and foolishness in him.

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