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Shameful Candy

Muslimah Media Watch:

not only are they trying to shame women into dressing (and acting) in a certain way, but they’re trying to make them think that if they don’t veil and dress ‘properly’ they’re at fault if they get sexually harassed.

Of course.

another ad features a covered and uncovered sweet, this time with the tagline: “A veil to protect or eyes will molest.”

The author makes a good observation:

I don’t know what’s more insulting: the idea that women are candy, or that men are flies.

Yup, this idiocy debases both men and women.


Mike T

Were those cartoons supposed to be funny at all?


Isaac, are boys in that culture raised to not ever be expected to have self control in any context, or is it only in sexual matters that they aren't expected to show restraint at all?

Isaac Schrödinger

You're right to see that restraint isn't a large part of men's life in that part of the world. Young men especially are very reckless. For example, car accidents and deaths per capita are astonishingly high.

The template is simple: men are barbarians and women mustn't provoke their lust. Therefore any woman who openly wears jeans or, heaven forbid, a skirt ought to be punished.

Control, restraints, limits are designed for only one gender.

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