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Poor girl:

My head has been on the verge of exploding - I’ve had a very nasty headache for three days - ever since Palin became big news. I’m so incensed over this pick I can hardly breathe.

I'd take Advil -- Double Strength.

They are absolutely shameless and what they’re doing with Palin is one of their oldest tricks. It’s like when they whip out Ann Coulter to proclaim that women should lose the right to vote. It’s like the black Republican lawyer I once worked with who had a coffee table book of Reagan pictures on his desk.

The Apostate seems to get crazier by the day.

Palin is an instrument of a very male, very patriarchal, very anti-woman Christian God. She will advance his agenda over the bodies and souls of women.

If she isn’t a tool, she is evil. Either way, she isn’t anything feminists should find inspiring, no matter how slick she is (and she isn’t that slick).

I wouldn't call Palin evil. Well, maybe a bit naughty ...

Think of this VP pick as of a woman marrying a rich man and gaining the power of money through her marriage. It’s not real power and it’s not hers, not ultimately, and it means nothing for every woman for whom riches-through-marriage is not an option.

How cute. Sarah Palin over the years stood against corrupt Republicans, defeated other resourceful politicians, got voted in as governor of a state, earned supreme approval ratings, and was thus picked by McCain.

But, please, think of it as a woman marrying a rich guy.



Yep, she's friggin' insane. That's one of the most bigoted rants I've ever met, yet she doubtless sees herself as "progressive" and "informed". She may have given up her mindless belief in the oppressive and xenophobic rhetoric of Islam, but the transition obviously taught her nothing.

Jim C.

I bet that one of her heroes, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, would have positive comments about Palin. If she does, apostate's head WILL explode! ROFL!

Poor little doctrinaire feminist apostate! She's gone from one restrictive ideology to another.

Francis W. Porretto

I doubt that Apostate would ever say so, but I'd bet the rent money that her total beef with Sarah Palin is that she's pro-life.

Mass movements, as Eric Hoffer has chronicled, are anti-rational phenomena. Not being based in reason, they require connectives and adhesives of other sorts: rituals, watchwords, and sacraments. On the left, the ritual is the street protest; the watchwords are "women's rights," "theocrats," "right-wing fascism," and a few others; and the sacrament is abortion.

The largest reason for the acrimony between Left and Right is that the Right condemns abortion as infanticide -- a direct moral attack on the Left's sacrament. That has both politico-theological and practical implications. If abortion is infanticide, then the Left's celebration of it as "a woman's right to choose" is a celebration of murder, which is beyond the pale. On the practical side, abortion on demand is one of the guarantors of the Left's creed of self-indulgence, which permeates all the rest of its policy preferences. So a morally based opposition to abortion is a condemnation not merely of a single policy preference, but of the Left's entire moral and practical foundation.

It doesn't get any starker than that -- and that's why the long knives come out whenever a Phyllis Schlafly, a Dawn Eden, or a Sarah Palin becomes visible to the nation at large. The clash between their love and veneration for human life and the Left's fin de siecle, laissez les bon temps roulez degeneracy could not eventuate any other way.

Isaac Schrödinger

Francis W. Porretto: You're correct. Abortion is the core part.

She goes beyond that: "I find it morally distasteful to bring people into this world".

Abortion isn't merely a choice, it's the right choice!

A woman like Sarah Palin would score high on this loopy Evil-o-Meter.

Cafe Alpha

They invariably think I’ll change my mind but once I convince them that I won’t because my position is principled (I find it morally distasteful to bring people into this world) they don’t know what to make of me ... The idea of something growing inside of me and me being unable to get rid of it gives me the creepy-crawlies, the heebie jeebies and the shakes all rolled into one.

Wow she does sound like a bit of a nutcase. Not happy with being a human being or a mammal. Probably doesn't like children.

Anyway I think I'm banned from Apostate's site, I don't think it matters what my criticism is, it never makes it past moderation.

She pegs my dishonest-bitch meter and think I must peg her doesn't-respect-bitchy-women meter.

And this has nothing to do with politics. I don't want Palin to win any more than she does. BUT I know that the baby issue is only one big loser for the Democrats.

What's the policy stance here, that babies with Down's syndrome should all be killed? Yeah that will get the Democrats lots of votes. Or is it that conservative parents shouldn't be allowed to talk to their own daughters, just in case they try to talk them out of an abortion? Another big winner of a stance. At what point do they realize they don't HAVE an angle that isn't a loser and go on to something they can win on?

Cafe Alpha

Francis, you sound as nutty as she does. Dial it back.


Seems she has pregnancy and intestinal parasites confused.

Spot on Francis

Mike T
Palin is an instrument of a very male, very patriarchal, very anti-woman Christian God. She will advance his agenda over the bodies and souls of women.

I chuckled when I read this because it's just one of many examples of why I think The Apostate is an incredibly shallow thinker. However, this woman is starting to show that she is deeply, deeply off kilter in some fundamental ways. You almost have to feel sorry for her when you look at some of the comments that she has made, like the one that Cafe Alpha pointed to.

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