Seven Years Later
Tribute in Light

It's All the Same

The Apostate:

If Muslims always maintained that Western civilization was not more civilized than Islam’s 7th century ideal, if Muslims thought that the western way of life was not superior to the Islamic way of life - and mainstream Muslims do - that is now true.

I used to maintain that there couldn’t be equivalence, but we are fast approaching a time where equivalence is not only possible, but even parallels can be drawn.

Click here if you want to know how imperfect America is not superior to a world of gender apartheid, religious intolerance, open nepotism, political thuggery and intellectual vacuum.

All these years I was fooled!


Francis W. Porretto

This gal has a severe mental disorder. All we can do is pray that she recovers.

Mike T

Well, she got one thing right. If we had dropped a few nuclear weapons on Saudi Arabia in retaliation for their funding of Al Qaeda and Wahabism in general, it would certainly made for an interesting future. I suspect that seeing millions of Muslims incinerated, and the sacred peninsula so irradiated that anyone who does the Hajj will get cancer would do wonders for bringing an end to Jihadism, if not Islam itself.

Cafe Alpha

I have been paying not attention to the news so I have no idea what happened.

It hasn't been unheard of for the police to go too far during protests since I was a little kid in the 60's. Here and all over the world, the police often do more to cause violence at demonstrations than stop it.

On the other side, in democracies when there is no great oppression, the protesters are often spoiled kids with nothing to say and a wish to look like a victim to help them get laid afterwards or during.

And yes apostate is a nut. But I still respect her courage for seeing the evil in her culture and leaving it. Maybe her childhood left her with too many scars ... but whatever I'm glad she can be her own nut instead of being the miserable chattel of a Muslim husband or family - or dead from rebelling but too timidly to get out of harms way.

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