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Dhimmi Watch:

The UK's logic seems to be that, since both parties are willing to abide by the decision of a third part, in this case, the sharia court, and all parties concerned are doing so willingly, then it's legal. But, as this report points out, what of those veiled Muslim women in Britain who know no English, don't know their rights as citizens of Britain, and simply do what their men -- fathers, husbands, brothers -- tell them to do, that is, let a sharia court decide?

That question is not addressed by libertarians: how can illiterate women be free to choose between two options when their families only present them with one?


Mike T

As a libertarian, I say Britain's mistake here was in failing to accept the nature of the community that they were dealing with. The Muslim community, filled with conservatives, will not abide by the normal, peaceful measures that most Brits expect. While Sharia may have a calmer face in Britain, as it'll be ostensibly neutered similar to how the Mosaic Law was under Roman rule of Judea, we all know that obedience to Sharia won't be optional for the women involved.

Of course, this gets back to a basic point about immigration that causes me to pull back from generally calling myself a libertarian. As I have said about Africa and its relationship with China, the fatal flaw of libertarian foreign policy is that it is hopelessly naive at this point. It's like Marxism in reverse, seeing nothing beyond materialism, failing to recognize the primal pull of forces like ethnicity and human pride; one could argue, for example, that World War II was started by the Germans as an insane, emotion-driven push to regain their national pride.

The fact is that religious and ethnic diversity are only good for a society up to a limited point. That point quickly comes about when the groups can no longer see eye-to-eye about the basic function of society, and it's quite clear that mainstream British society and its Islamic immigrants reached that point a long time ago. Unfortunately, many libertarians won't admit that removing hundreds of thousands or even millions of Muslims would be good for Britain because they cannot function community-to-community with the rest of Britain.

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