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News from Norway via IBA:

"It's of course completely unacceptable not to reject the death sentence for homosexuals.  To take up this debate now is important, not least of consideration to young homosexual Muslim who struggle with their own identity," says the Children and Equality minister Anniken Huitfeldt to Dagsavisen.


"I can understand that the homosexuality issue is difficult, but I don't accept that the Islamic Council can't reject the death sentence which conflicts with basic human rights," says Breen.

The Culture and Church minister Trond Giske decided last year that the Islamic Council will get half a million kroner in state support.

Two things:

1. Why is the Norwegian state giving money to a religious group?

2. It's silly for these politicians to think that they can bring out the softer side of Islam by dangling a few sacks of cash. Islam in its pure, supremely intolerant form has survived fourteen centuries. Words alone won't be enough.

Former Children and Equality Minister Karita Bekkemellem was in her time in the cabinet very clear that the government shouldn't support organization who carry on with what she thinks is clear discrimination and breaking the law.

The Islamic position on homosexuality is a minor issue. The core itself is rotten. Let's recap the finer details of Muhammad (remember, this man is infallible; one can be killed for saying otherwise):

(1) He banned interest on money.
(2) He objected to the use of pictures that depicted humans or animals and refused to enter the premises where such works were present.
(3) He married a six-years-old girl and had sex with her when she turned nine.
(4) He approved the killing of all the post-pubescent males of a Jewish tribe called Banu Quraiza.
(5) He then took all the young males and women of that tribe as slaves and distributed them among his companions.
(6) He married multiple times and kept sex-slaves.
(7) He loathed dogs and ordered that they be killed.

Pick your insanity/evil. The Norwegian state might as well ask the Muslims in Norway to leave Islam.



That would be one way to liven the debate. The issue of homosexuality really is marginal here because it just falls under the greater category of "immoral things that, while they don't cause destruction of life, liberty and property to others, a Muslim will kill you for." These things range from having a dog in the same room as a Koran, to a woman having the audacity to show her ankle after she trips on the street (what is that filthy whore doing out on the street anyway?!), to making sausage (Europeans are getting threats over this now).

Now, we may not agree on these things being immoral, but let's face it, to many Muslims there's no surer way to win browny points with Allah than to err on the side of caution by killing someone for something that kinda sorta upsets Allah.


http://ibnatalhidayah.blogspot.com interesting link, may u benefit with it,have u ever learns the meaning of Ad din..

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