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August 2007:

I still think Intel should have publicly called the new line they released in July 2006 as the 'Core' processors. They could have kept the 'Core 2' name for the epic Nehalem line which will come out in late 2008.

Instead, Intel has done the opposite! The present generation is called the Intel Core 2. The next will be called the Intel Core.

The Intel Core will have generic identifiers. For now, it's i7.

I've built a couple of systems for friends. It's a major headache to explain the differences between the Celerons, the Pentiums and the five dozen flavors of Core 2s. Intel just managed to make it even tougher.



That's why I don't bother to explain. I just say "this setup will give you the same performance as a $1,000 system, for only $500". They generally seem to like that sort of description.

Isaac Schrödinger

I don't volunteer any explanation but often I get asked about the advantages and disadvantages of a certain chip.

Two years ago clock speed went completely out the window. The looks on faces were priceless when I would tell them that a sub-2Ghz Core 2 Duo thrashes a 3Ghz Pentium 4. It doesn't help the confused when sometimes Intel sets up lower prices for a faster chip. (This happened when Intel moved the production from 65nm to 45nm. A few slower, older processors were priced higher than the faster, newer processors.)

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