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I was asking a buddy of mine for a question and she asked, "Why do nice guys finish last in dating?" Why is...

Because nice guys are weak guys. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they don't make the girl work for it. ...What happens is that the guy says, "I had a good time, did you? Can I see you again? You're really a nice girl! You're sure good looking." This girl is 28, she's good looking, and ever since she was 12, guys have been telling her she's beautiful. So, what effect does that compliment have? It's a negative.

...The nice guy is too happy to be there and when she walks away from the first date she says, "Here's another one I own," versus "I don't know where I stand with this guy." When you start tweaking that detective in her mind, she goes bonkers and her interest level goes through the roof.

...As soon as a disagreement comes up, the nice guy says, "Ok dear, whatever you say, I'm just happy to be here." As she notices he has no backbone, I call it "Wimpus Americanus," and what happens is that she doesn't respect him. If she doesn't respect a man, she falls out of love.




I don't know about this. I've been married to a nice guy for 26 years. I suspect that the women who would be attracted to a nice guy somehow just don't rate a blip on these people's radar screens.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's possible.

Another possibility: Given the business these men are in, I think that they are giving advice on what most women find appealing.

There will be exceptions in every case.

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