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A Rare Gem


The surprise choice of Palin seems like a smart move by McCain. I've read a little bit about her and so far she has impressed.

I'm looking forward to her debate with Biden.

The Corner:

Biden, as you'll recall, is terrible on second amendment issues. Palin on the other hand — there's even video of her firing an M-16, which for a female vice-presidential candidate is pretty dang cool.

I'm in love!

Another Update
I can't disagree with Ferguson here.



Well, I'm not too big on her dropping the "G" word every 5 seconds, and I've heard rumors that she was supportive of that lunatic Ron Paul .... but other than that, she rocks! McCain chose well.

Classical Liberal

For the first time ever, I might be able to say "Wow, the Vice-President is kind of hot!"


Isaac Schrödinger

Kind of!?

How can their be any doubt?

Classical Liberal


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