Afghanistan Heats Up, Again
Poor, Oppressed, Victimized Muslims

Too Curious

Achelois: “Where are you from?” Again

I often get asked that question in an innocent manner here in Canada. After they're satisfied with the answer, the usual follow up is, "Are you a Muslim?"


They're perplexed. "Hmm. Christian?"




Total confusion. Then, I kid you not, "What are you!?"

With a devilish smile, "I'm nothing."


E. Nigma

You're a free man.

Take a bow.


Sounds like if you have to have a label, it's probably "agnostic". But you don't have to have a label, of course.

Etymology lesson, because I can't help it. It's "atheist", a-the-ist, no-god. "Theos" being Greek for "god".

Isaac Schrödinger

Spelling fixed. Thanks. My Typepad editing window had even underlined the word but I didn't catch it.

Agnostic? That label doesn't fit either. Strangely, I've always believed in a Grand Architect. I just don't think that he had a, direct or indirect, chat with a fellow named Muhammad.

So, the proper label is a deist.

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