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Muslim Matters: Sex & the Ummah: As A Virgin.

the entire concept of proof of virginity is alien to the Deen and completely absent in the Shari’ah. It is commanded of both Muslim men and women to abstain from pre-marital relations. Since, the only Islamically acceptable way of knowing whether someone has broken this rule is by confession, or having been caught fornicating by the required four witnesses, the whole idea of physiological “proof” is redundant.

I wonder if ever in history the "four witness rule" was applied. Often a mere rumor is enough proof for the paranoid.

Double standards are another sign of culture being placed over religion. Many families are willing to turn a blind eye to their sons “playing the field”, but become borderline psychotic if their daughters are caught doing so.

Indeed. One finds many male Muslim "plowers" who'd beat or murder their sisters if they ever tried to emulate their brothers.

It must be clearly understood that the Shari’ah does not differentiate between male and female when it comes to gender relations and sexual conduct.

What!? How many Muslim men have to wear a burka whenever they go outside in the scorching Middle East heat? The idea that sharia is gender neutral is ludicrous. The logical corollary that Islamic hellholes like Saudi Arabia and Iran are misinterpreting sharia is even more farcical.



"The idea that sharia is gender neutral is ludicrous."

Indeed. How many Muslim women have four husbands?


If you read the New Testament after reading about this, you'll understand why a chunk of it can be summarized as "you hypocrite, do you not know that God cares not why you have broken His law, and that by your condemnation and hypocrisy you condemn yourself."


Islam is also proof of "salvation is by faith, not works, lest any man should boast."


Ah, I see... Pakistani atheists are really starting to come out of the wood work. By the way dude, the feminist Pakistani female atheists don't really agree with you... I mean for example the apostate (of wordpress fame) is mocking you! she called you a Paki and pretty much said your stupid. Although I did think you made sense. Anyway don't let the feminizes beat you down!



OK... Man I've been reading your blog and realized all the things you had to go through for getting a permanent stay in Canada. I completely understand where you are coming from on those points. And I am happy for you (honestly from the heart) that you did not have to go back and live a life of lie. In fact I feel sad that, the residents of my country (Pakistanis) have to run away based on religious beliefs. I was not a fan of secularism, but after reading your blog its really moved something inside me.

Really have to do some serious thinking - for the first time I've let my mind open-up.

Saul Wall

"Many families are willing to turn a blind eye to their sons “playing the field”, but become borderline psychotic if their daughters are caught doing so."

From the testimonies of Muslim girls and the reports of the details surrounding honour killings, I think the word "borderline" might not be needed.

"The idea that sharia is gender neutral is ludicrous."

But then, this is Mohamed's religion we are talking about. Why be non-ludicrous about things now?


Religion in general is ludicrous - Islam just happens to be worse at the moment because they never went through a moderating period like the Christian faith did.


Spend time in any Islamic country and you will soon find that they are all "playing the field".
They just do it the 'back' way -

There is even a name for it - before marriage - with a woman - as a man - you climb in through the back window - and once you get married you walk in through the front door.

Hint if these Islamic women were gay men - they wouldn't be virgins.

I was told from the horse's mouth that women particularly in the cities go with other women before marriage - to keep their virginity.

All this is so that they can pass their vaginal virginity test - required by most mother-in-laws (otherwise the girl is considered a whore and no one will marry her) and these Islamic girls having did almost everything in the book - besides the actual thing - cleverly pass these virginity tests with flying colors.

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