Showcasing War
Poisoning Minds

The Mainstream is Extreme

National Post via Daimnation:

The following was posted yesterday at, the blog of the National Post editorial board. The Canadian Islamic Congress gets all the press. But the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) is making a strong case that it is every bit as radical and unhinged.

First came its recent sponsorship of an essay contest on "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine," in which it urged high school students to channel the group's own fervid hatred of Israel for prizes. Now, the group is promoting Sept. 11 conspiracy theories by announcing a July 14 Toronto speaking event entitled "The 9/11 deception continues."

Of course. This easy conspiracy theory negates the need for arguments about the proper course of war since Muslims never! attacked the US on 9/11.

How can members of the Muslim and Arab communities permit this to happen?

Because most of them are in agreement with the asinine, anti-Western views of such groups. Just a guess.


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