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As my brother in Pakistan tells me, Pakistanis are talking about Pakistani Harvard student Samad Khurram, who declined to receive an award at Roots Academy from U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson in protest of US policies and actions, such as the bombing in Mohmand Agency.

This Pakistani student, who is living in one of the richest places in the world (in America) and attending the most prestigious university of them all (also in America), protests American foreign policy by refusing to accept an award from his Pakistani high school.

The fellow sure has principles.

I believe, however, that gestures such as these may vent some of the great frustration that the less powerful in the world feel toward US imperialistic policies. Such gestures enable them to hold their heads up high again for a bit, and, - well, - keep the peace a bit longer.

Peace has never been kept by dim, idealistic and gutless students.


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