Big Paper Paid Them Off
A Fool's Hope

Something Worth Losing


Mass numbers of descendents of Muslims, converts, and spiritual seekers are forsaking the American Islamic community and many of these will inevitably abandon the religion. The confrontation is of course not military but rather is occurring on the intellectual plane. On one front our religion is being both subtly and overtly demeaned by the media. On another, anti-Islam websites are assaulting the faith with mostly discarded but now resurrected antiquated orientalist criticisms.


Instead of seeing a path to spiritual growth, enlightenment and fulfillment many of these disengaged Muslims start to see a stagnant, retrogressive, patriarchal remnant of a lagging culture, mired in meaningless controversies and hollow, lifeless formalism.

Yeah, luckily for some the synapses finally click.

Link via Tariq Nelson who provides a classic line:

We need an Islam of love, compassion, giving, sharing and caring.

Dang! I'll settle for an Islam of leave-others-alone.


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